How to Choose What Clinical Trial You Should Join

Did you know that by participating in a clinical trial, you will be helping others by adding to knowledge about treatments and that you will receive regular medical attention from trained teams of healthcare professionals?

If you are interested in joining a clinical trial, knowing which one is best for you to join can be difficult. Just because a friend or relative recommends a certain trial to you does not mean it is right.

To clear up confusion about clinical trials, we’ve written a guide that explains how to choose the right one. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

Investigate Your Options

You should start searching for a clinical trial to join by making a visit to your doctor’s office. Here you can ask your doctor if they know about any trials or types of clinical research that might be right for you to participate in.

It is also possible to go online to look for clinical trials. It is best if you know what type of trial you want to participate in and where the study will need to be located.

You should also make sure to know what types of questions to ask when you are participating in a clinical trial.

Clinical Trial

Look at the Eligibility Criteria

Keep in mind that only certain types of clinical trials will be right for you. Every trial and study has various guidelines that help doctors figure out who is able to take part.

These eligibility criteria include sex, age, what kind of condition you’re treating, and how advanced your condition is.

Get Ahold of the Clinical Research Study Organizers

If you come across a trial and think you are eligible, you will need to reach out to the study organizers. If they agree you are eligible, they will schedule an appointment with you.

They will want to get to know you. They may also require that you undergo a physical exam.

Look at the Study Description

There are clear plans of action in place for every clinical trial. These describe what the researchers will be doing. The purpose of this plan of action is designed to protect your health.

Take time to read through the description. Having your doctor with you is a good idea when you do this.

Also, make sure to identify what questions you have about the study. You will have the chance to ask these questions to the organizers of the study before it begins.

Finding a Clinical Trial: Know the Different Types

If you are unsure what type of clinical trial is best for you to join, remember that most clinical trials have strict eligibility criteria.

Are you looking for a clinical trial to participate in? If so, we can help you. Make sure to check out the Volunteers section of our website to find out more about how you can participate in a study.